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Positive Directions II, LLC is a company that provides contracted school based intervention service to schools in Delaware since 2008.  The focus for PD II, LLC is to work with students who are at-risk for exhibiting negative behaviors.  If a student acts out during the day, the student would be sent out of the class for a brief time out.  During this time the Interventionist will communicate with the student to determine why he/she was sent outside of the classroom.  The student is challenged to explore other alternative methods of dealing with conflict in the future.  Every attempt is made through intervention services to deter a student from being asked to leave the classroom.  Some of the positions that provide this service are listed as:

· In School Suspension (ISS) - designed to support students who need a brief time out from the classroom setting.

· In School Alternative (ISA) - designed to support students who are in need a more intensive behavioral program. 

· Behavior Interventionist (BI) – Designed to work closely with administration and other support staff to work in a proactive manner to minimize student’s behavior from escalating.  At the same time students are taught positive replacement behaviors.


All services are designed for all students who are enrolled in a school setting from Kindergarten to the twelve grades


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